Flatbed Tarps

Flatbed Tarps

A flatbed tarp from A1 Tarps protects the load you are hauling, as well as others driving on the same road.

You can use a trucker's tarp for anything from hauling lawnmowing equipment, construction materials or a great flea market find. If you have a flatbed trailer or a pickup truck, you know that truck tarps are important for two main reasons:

  • Protecting your investment from loss. Material such as mulch or gravel can get expensive quickly, and it can easily be blown away by winds or washed away by rain. Even if your business is profitable enough that you can afford to spread that raw material across the country's roads and highways, it only got that way because you are careful not to waste money.
  • Protecting others from road damage. We've seen how expensive claims can get from debris. At high speeds, even a single pebble can cause significant damage to a windshield. That's why a properly fastened trucking tarp can save you a lot of stress in the future.

Built to Handle the Load

At A1 Tarps, our tarps for trucks are made from incredibly strong materials such as polyethylene and vinyl. Lightweight, pliable and strong, they are built to offer rot-proof, waterproof protection to whatever you transport underneath.

We have a wide variety of sizes and colors available, so you can find something perfect for the bed of your pickup or a flatbed trailer. We also equip them with either grommets or D rings so that you can properly fasten them with straps or bungee cords.

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles for a landscaping or construction business, or whether you have a pickup for bringing home treasure from a shopping adventure, you'll find that our flatbed tarps are valuable investments that quickly earn their keep, load after load.

Contact us today to learn more about how truck tarps can be used or about the bulk discounts we offer.

Feb 25th 2022

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