Replacement Covers

Replacement Covers

Canopy covers offer a simple and affordable solution for providing added protection in your yard or driveway. You can easily store a car, boat or any other vehicle beneath the canopy and enjoy great protection from the elements without the expense of building an addition to your garage. However, a canopy tarp that's ripped, faded or has holes in it won't do much good for the people or equipment hanging out underneath. Therefore, you should replace your canopy tarps if they're showing signs of wear.

If you have a canopy frame set up in your yard but your canopy top has seen better days, it's time to invest in replacement canopy covers. If your canopy isn't in good condition, it won't effectively protect a vehicle, garden, picnic table or lawn mower the way it should. You need a quality, durable canopy on your frame to make the most out of this structure. Our canopy replacement tarps are available in a variety of sizes and constructions so you can use them confidently for a variety of tasks.

Versatile Covers for Fast Repairs

A1 Tarps carries replacement canopy covers that will transform your ragged old shelter into one that works better than ever. You can purchase either our traditional style of canopy or opt for the valance canopy tarp. For full coverage, front valance panelsback panels and side panels are available as well. Putting together these matching pieces allows you to customize your canopy to offer as much or as little coverage as you need. You can also get a complete valance replacement kit for maximum protection of whatever you're covering.

There are many uses for our selection of canopy tarps and replacement covers. Most people use A1 Tarps' replacement canopy covers as car canopy tarps or to change canopies they've put up in their driveways or yards to protect their boats and other precious possessions. A good canopy covers vehicles and boats to guard against the damaging rays of the sun as well as other outdoor hazards like snow, sleet and rain. These canopy covers can be used for many other activities as well, including neighborhood gatherings, yard sales, flea markets and craft bazaars.

A1 Tarps doesn't just sell canopy tops and sides, either. We offer an assortment of party tent covers to fix up your large carnival tents for graduations, weddings, county fairs and other big celebrations. Both carnival-top and fiesta-top peaked-roof party tarps are available along with optional doors and siding to provide as much protection and ventilation as you need. You'll also find Shelter Logic canopy replacements specifically designed to fit the outdoor structure frames made by this leading brand.

Industry-Leading Canopy Construction

A1 Tarps' waterproof, UV-resistant canopies offer a simple and affordable alternative to building or expanding a garage through costly and time-consuming home renovation projects. Still, if your old canopy is showing signs of wear, you need to replace it immediately. A worn canopy just won't offer the extensive protection against UV rays and water your cars, boats and precious goods need.

We have an array of durable, well-made canopy covers available in different sizes and styles. Our inventory ranges from covers as small as 10' x 10' to tops as large as 30' x 60'. There are also several sizes in between, including the popular 10' x 20' traditional or valance canopy top cover. When ordering your replacement canopy tarps, make sure to take careful measurements and to check the product's specs, because the measurements for the canopy top may not be quite the same as the top of the frame. 

What to Know When Shopping for New Canopy Covers

It's important to replace your canopy top regularly to make sure your possessions are getting the best possible protection. This is especially important if you leave your canopy up year-round. Through long-term use, it can quickly become damaged and ineffective, not only endangering your possessions but also becoming an eyesore on your property.

When you're purchasing canopy top replacements, it's important that you check the specifications for the item that you're interested in. Measure your canopy frame carefully to ensure that the replacement canopy cover will fit securely over it. The width is the distance across the front of the canopy space, and the length is the distance from the front pole to the very back pole. The peak length is the length of one side of the roof from the top of the peak to the point where the roof meets the poles on the sides. It should be noted that the measurements for the canopy top may not be the same as the measurements for the frame. This is why it's important to carefully read the product details to make sure your canopy will fit correctly.

Upgrading your canopy top regularly is a good way to ensure that your vehicles, equipment and guests always get maximum protection. This is especially true if your canopy is a long-term structure that you leave up throughout the year. With the right canopy, your yard or driveway can instantly become much more functional. Use the right high-quality canopy top canvas coverings to protect your personal property or market merchandise from hazardous elements.

When it comes time to replace your canopy, trust A1 Tarps to supply your replacement canopy tarps. We've been serving the outdoor shelter industry since 1981 with high-quality products at competitive pricing. Whether you're shopping for new canopies or replacement components, we'll gladly help you find exactly what you need. We also have fast shipping so you don't have to wait for better protection.

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