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Reinforced Canopies

Reinforced Canopies

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If you're looking for a venue, don't call an expensive event space. And if you need a space to store a vehicle either long- or short-term, don't call a contractor about building an add-on to your home. Instead, shop at A1 Tarps for an impressive selection of super-duty reinforced canopies and call it a day. Our canopy solutions fulfill both of these needs quickly and easily. And our high-quality tents mean these canopy structures are practically as sturdy as an actual building structure. Plus, you can move these canopies quickly and easily if need be, which you certainly wouldn't be able to do with an event space or garage.

Reinforced Canopy Designs for Extended Use

A heavy-duty reinforced canopy is made to stay out for months and even years at a time without being affected by rain, sun, snow, falling branches and other forces of nature. This construction makes them impervious to water and rot while also resisting the sun's rays.
Meanwhile, the canopy frame and connectors are both built from heavy-duty galvanized steel. The triangle-shade valance top extends from a height of 6' 8" at the edges to 11' 6" at the center with 6 inches of canopy overhang for added security. Our UV-resistant canopies come in various sizes, depending on your needs. They also are available with an optional enclosure that consists of a zippered front door, solid back door and side panels for full protection. All hardware is included to get you set-up.

Safeguard Anything and Anyone

Shop for our waterproof and mildew-resistant heavy-duty reinforced canopies and rest assured that the people and things underneath will always be protected from the elements no matter what the weather is like. In addition to being used as party canopies and portable car garages, these reinforced canopies are also ideal for community event, flea markets, farm equipment and outdoor presentations.