Full Replacement Valance Top and Sides Kits

Full Replacement Valance Top and Sides Kits

Keep your canopy frame in service for longer with canopy tarps replacement kits from A1 Tarps.

Smartphones, TVs and even some power tools may find themselves outdated in a couple of years, but a quality steel frame with stick around for generations. If you have a canopy frame on your property, you already know this firsthand.

If you need to freshen up your canopy sidewalls only, then these five-piece top and sides kits will give you everything you need to restore your frame's protective ability. Each kit comes with a top valance cover, a zippered front entrance panel, a back door panel and two side panels. They will resist UV damage and let you create a space to protect cars, boats, landscaping equipment and more from the weather.

Contact our experts today to find out more about these impressive canopy tarps.

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