Camp Tarps

Camp Tarps

Stay Dry with A1 Tarps Camp Tarps

Next time you go camping, in addition to your tents, equipment and sleeping bags, don't forget to take along one or more of our camp tarps from A1 Tarps. Our camp tarps are ultra durable and are easily utilized on your camp sites to stave off any unexpected environmental conditions that may ruin your weekend or vacation fun. They add an additional weatherproofing protection to your campsite to keep you high and dry if the weather conditions don't cooperate with your plans.

Camp Tarps: Many Uses

Whether they are added to your RVs or gazebos for additional covered outdoor spaces or are used as an extra waterproof layer over your tent structures to protect against rainy conditions, our multi-use camp tarps are a way to keep your supplies, campfires and food safe and away from rain, drizzle or damp condensation that can put a damper on your rustic fun.

Create an Oasis with Camp Tarps

Our high-quality camp tarp construction ensures that you'll enjoy their use for many camping seasons. Available in many different sizes and colors, these camp tarps are a welcome addition to provide UV protection and covered shelter that you can count on. With additional accessories such as steel frames, tie-downs and more, you can create your own versatile oasis in the great outdoors.

Camp Tarps Provide Multi-Use Protection

In addition to their many uses during camping trips, our camp tarps have a multitude of residential, commercial and industrial uses. Our heavy-duty camp tarps are an excellent investment to keep in case of roof damage, for short-term structure needs or to cover items in the back of a pickup truck. Camping tarps aren't just for camping anymore!

A1 Tarps: Three Decades of Service

Since 1981, our family business has been to provide high-quality tarps that exceed our customers' expectations. Although we first began in Southern California, the advent of the internet has extended our customer range from the West Coast to the East Coast. We are always striving to improve our products. Have questions about our camp tarps or any of the products you see on Give us a call and we will be happy to assist you in determining which tarps will meet your unique needs.

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Feb 24th 2022

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