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20x20 Portable Garage Shelter

20x20 Portable Garage Shelter

When it comes to personal vehicles and commercial equipment, you want to make sure you have the protection you need. A1 Tarps has portable garages that instantly create the perfect storage structures. With a steel frame and poly tarp cover, the 20' x 20' portable garage shelter is easy to put together and take apart, making it great for when you need a last-minute storage solution.

Protect Your Vehicles and Equipment

Our 20' x 20' portable poly garage is perfect for when you don't have a permanent garage or storage building and is large enough to hold one or two vehicles. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, this shelter will protect your vehicles and equipment from UV rays and bad weather. With a 6'8 and high-peak 120-degree roof, it can hold cars, trucks, campers, boats, farm equipment, construction equipment, lawnmowers and more.

Because it's so easy to assemble and disassemble this portable garage, you can take it where you need it when you need it. You can keep it at your home for personal vehicles, take it to the campsite to park your camper under or bring it to a job site to store equipment.

Year-Round Protection

The 20' x 20' tarp survival shelter is designed to work year-round and withstand all seasons. During the winter, it will shield your belongings from harsh weather like snow and sleet. The sturdy 18-gauge steel pipe frame can hold its own against strong winds and storms. Springtime means rainy days. The waterproof portable garage will keep your investments dry.

In the summer, it works as a 20' x 20' sun shelter to keep out UV rays, which can fade car paint and interiors. During the fall months, the shelter will keep falling leaves and debris off your vehicles and equipment.

Other Uses

Portable garages can do more than hold vehicles and equipment. You can get creative with how you use our shelter. If you're a farmer, the 20' x 20' shelter has tons of space for you to store crop seeds or animal feed and keep them out of the elements. You can set it up closer to where you house your livestock or plant your crops for a shorter travel distance.

For gardening, you can use a portable garage as a shed to hold your tools and supplies. You can store these items somewhere more long term during the offseason and put the shelter up during the months you garden. This will make tools easily accessible without having to keep the structure up when you don't need it.

Throwing an outdoor party? The 20' x 20' portable can even be used as a tent. It can offer guests a space to gather once it gets cooler or be where you keep the snacks and drinks safe from dust and bugs.

Tarps, Shelters, Canopies and Tents

At A1 Tarps, we are committed to providing you with the tarps and protective equipment you need. Whether you're looking for poly tarps, portable garages or anything in between, we have the right product for you. Visit our website or get in touch with an expert by calling our customer service team at 866-558-8277.

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Feb 24th 2022

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