12x20 Tarps

12x20 Tarps

Have a large project that needs to be covered? Don't sweat it! Order a 12' x 20' poly tarp from A1 Tarps! Our 12' x 20' tarps have been trusted for years as the go-to tarpaulin for tough indoor or outdoor projects. Big enough to cover vehicles, construction site equipment and temporary roof covers, these high-quality polyethylene medium- to heavy-duty tarps are the right choices for any tough job and won't let you down.

A1 Tarps: Only Getting Better

Over the years, we have continued to improve our 12' x 20' poly tarps here at A1 Tarps. We have added reinforced brass grommets to keep tie-downs in place, no matter what conditions are present. Whether you are securing these high-quality tarps with ropes, bungee cords or ratchet tie-downs, once these tarps are in place they will not budge until you remove them. These tough tarps will keep your equipment and items save from UV rays and mildew. You will also appreciate the waterproof high denier count that will keep moisture at bay.

Versatility and Durability

Our 12' x 20' poly tarps are ideal to have on hand for whatever project is needed. Whether it is for a residential project, a construction site or a business, our poly tarps are ideal to keep on hand for use. They can be added to frames or stakes to create outdoor structures. Choose from a wide range of vibrant to neutral colors and ultra-durable fabrics. We have polyethylene, canvas, mesh and vinyl tarps available as well.

Trust A1 Tarps

Since 1981, A1 Tarps has been an industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of multi-use tarps. Starting out as a business in Southern California, the internet has expanded our customer base and we are now trusted in major projects across the United States. We are dedicated to our customers and strive to give them a great experience with our company in each and every transaction. Have question about any of the products you see here? Don't hesitate to give us a call at 866-558-8277.

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Feb 24th 2022

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